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Because we know that hiring an experienced team to lead and manage your training department can be very costly, we have carved out the ability for your organization to work with The Train Station as a full-service key client. This means that we would handle part or all of your training needs! Our goal is to provide outstanding full-service programs to just a few organizations vs delivering stand-alone training across many.

The benefits of a full-service program that includes managing up to 100% of your training needs are as follows:

  • Access to an expansive team of experienced and highly successful instructional design and facilitation consultants
  • Leaders with over 40 years of professional experience both in the United States and abroad
  • Leaders with direct experience working in financial services, customer service, non-profit, and many other industries
  • An entire company which is founded on the highest level of integrity and commitment to success
  • Extensive support and personal attention as our key client. 

Above all, full-service training will save your organization thousands of dollars on the cost of benefits and other provisions that go along with hiring additional staff.

Call us today to explore this option further: (704) 992 - 1213

Full-Service Training