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Work With The Experts

On board at The Train Station is a team with over 40 combined years of successful leadership and coaching experience in the United States and abroad across a variety of industries, including insurance, financial services, government, retail, healthcare and non-profit. Collaborative partners include an expansive pool of outstanding facilitators, instructional design experts and organizational development strategists to ensure the success of every project, regardless of size.

Your experience with The Train Station is not just a one-stop journey. We strive to learn as much as we can about your organization, its leadership, and processes, to build long-term relationships that support you through both challenges and triumphs.​ We offer non-boring practical solutions that can be applied to work and life.  

What sets us apart?

The Train Station provides  Manager and Team Training for companies and organizations of all sizes. All of our training is based on personal experience and global best practices. As former leaders in many different industries, we train on content that we know and methods that work, which is why we excel at delivering training and coaching that consistently produces positive results! ​​

Our High Performance Track (HPT) professional development tools for Managers and Teams are founded on 3 core principles of success:

1. An understanding of global best practices is key to learning
2. Sharing personal experiences (of success and failure) motivates the learner
3. Early and consistent practice of learned strategies (with feedback) is critical to achieving long-term positive results.

Through a variety of interactive and engaging workshop and coaching programs, we focus on the unique challenges you face every day, and equip you with strategies, tools, and resources to help you excel. Our goal is to not just help you to excel on the job, but in life overall.

We Drive Managers & Teams on a

High Performance Track to Professional Development

With managers consistently being faced with competing priorities and rapid change, who has time for self development or team building?

At The Train Station, we get it! Not only do we provide top-notch professional development and team training that directly supports your mission, we share best practices and personal experiences that motivate our clients to take greater pride in their work and the work of others. This leads to higher engagement and a greater level of individual and team commitment throughout your entire organization.

​Leaders: We devote all of our attention on YOU and YOUR TEAM, taking you from identifying the challenges to the execution of improved performance with fast and often immediate results.

Whether we are working directly with individuals or teams, your ride with The Train Station is sure to be a non-stop thrill that leads straight to success!

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary High-Performance Track (HPT) Assessment, which gathers critical data about your vision, goals and specific challenges to diagnose the ultimate training track for optimal performance. 


We "Get IT"